Nowadays, I am working as an IT Auditor at Deutsche Bank .

I hold a PhD degree in computer science from TU-Darmstadt. My thesis is entitled Novel Devices and Interaction Concepts for Fluid Collaboration.

During my dissertation, my main research interests lied in the field of Human-Computer Interaction, Ubiquitous Computing and Multimedia.

My research also focused on the development of novel interaction techniques for multiple, resizable paper-like displays. Furthermore, I investigated novel means for collaboration support on interactive surfaces and novel tabletop systems. My work is thus situated at the intersection of tangible user interfaces, interactive surfaces, multi-display / multi-device interaction and (mobile) multimedia. During my dissertation work, I have also developed a high interest in sensor-based input (touch, hover) for omnipresent body-based interaction.

Throughout my research, I employ empirical methodologies (e.g. using quantitative and qualitative approaches) to understand users and therefore ground my work.